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LS Truck LSA Supercharger Swap 6 rib Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kit

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LS Truck to LSA Supercharger 6 Rib Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kit

Designed for use with any year Truck/SUV (or LS1) style water pump (not compatible with LS3/L99 Camaro water pump)

  • This kit uses Truck/SUV (or LS3/L99 Camaro) crank pulley
  • Includes: alternator and power steering bracket, idler pulley, and mounting hardware
  • Can be used with standard (105amp) or high amp (145/160amp) LS Style alternators (will not fit Corvette, SS, or LS3 alternators)
  • Compatible with a factory truck power steering pump and pulley (ICT# PUM300 and PUL300)
  • Design to work with ICT Billet LSA idler and tensioner bracket kit (551789-3) and Throttle Body Spacer (551757-5)
  • If needing to extend your alternator harness connection, use ICT# WEALT30-36 (4-pin) or WEALT40-36 (2-pin)
  • Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced, billet aluminum
Belt length with standard (105amp) or high amp 145/160amp) alternators: 1055K6 (6 rib, 105.5inch) when paired with 551789-3 Commonly used part numbers for a LSA supercharger swap: 551387 (1/8" NPT vacuum port), 551383 (vacuum port plug), 551917 (crank drill pin kit)