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BRODIX CYLINDER HEADS - LS7 - BR7 - 262cc - CNC PORTED - 71cc CHAMBER - 6 BOLT - BARE - 1170000


BRODIX delivers the industry’s most durable replacement for the LS style cylinder heads with the introduction of the BR series. The BR 7 is an out-of-the-box version that comes standard with 71 cc combustion chambers, bowls blended, and intake ports matched. The STS BR 7 is a 100% CNC ported version that flows over 375 cfm. The BR 7 and the STS BR 7 both utilize a 12° valve angle and 2.204 / 1.614 valve combination. The STS BR 7 273 flows over 415 cfm with a 72 cc combustion chamber and 2.250 / 1.614 valves. The BP BR 7 BS 285 is 100% CNC ported and flows over 415 cfm. This version of the BR 7 has a 285 cc intake port and 72 cc combustion chambers. 2.250 / 1.580 valves are installed to accommodate the new, bigger high flow exhaust ports for turbo or blowers. The BP BR 7 BS 300 adds a newly designed 300 cc intake port that flows over 437 cfm. The BR 7 heads accept all standard LS components and share all of the legendary BRODIX features including: easily repairable A-356 virgin aluminum alloy and the strongest deck surface in the business. The STS BR 7 BS 273 has been added to the series for the racer who wants to use a 1.650 or smaller o.d. roller valve spring, but requires longer valves and special rockers. These are bare cylinder heads. Make these complete with the following: AH - Assemble Head Service BVJ- Blended Valve Job SK001/T/0560/BL - Spring Kit, .660" Lift BTR Platinum LS Spring Kit; Titanium Ret., .505" ID .060" Thick Loc., Blue Seals F1597P x8 - Exhaust Valves, FERREA LS7 COMP PLUS 24° EXHAUST VALVE; 1.615" DIAMETER, .313" STEM, 5.227" LT, .290" TIP F2014P x8 - Intake Valves, Ferrea LS7 Hollow Stem 2.20" BS030-16 - Shims, BTR .030" SHIMS FOR BRONZE GUIDES, BAG OF 16